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From a family business to an international trade name
In 5672, Mr. Avrohom Yosef Ferster, the family patriarch opened a small family hat business. He didn't dream for a moment, that the quality hats, he was expertly producing, would one day be worn with pride, by Jews throughout the world. He did not begin to imagine that his family name would become the symbol of quality and the synonym to 'hat'. The painstaking attention to every detail and the loving care in producing each hat changed the business from a private workshop to a worldwide brand name, to the winning choice of thousands, for years.

From Germany to Novilis Hungary
The secrets of the trade have been passed down for generations through family tradition. Today Mr. Itche Meir Ferster, continues the tradition with pride. He has turned hat manufacturing into an art. After years of in-depth study, in hat factories throughout the world, Mr. Ferster has chosen Novilis, Hungary as the best place for production. The factories have grown and flourished. Today they are a huge complex of four, four story, buildings. Tens of well qualified workers with years of experience work with up-to-date, sophisticated machinery. Front-line designers, professional quality-inspectors and capable technicians, work side by side. All is orchestrated by Mr. Ferster and his family. They and the entire team concentrate on one thing; producing the magnificent "Brandolino".

From the raw materials until the service
At Ferster we don't sell hats; we live hats. We plan and produce the hats to suit the needs and desires of our huge customer body, exactly. We invest heart and soul in each hat, even after the purchase has been made. At Ferster each hat is planned especially for you. From choosing the felt; the density of the pile, the deep shade, to the exact stitching, right until the perfect finishing touch. Here we think of the ones wearing the hats, of their needs and habits of use; On cold winter days and in heat wave, on Shabbos and on weekday, under the burning sun, and on the bench in the Beis Hamedrash. Always. Colorful, or white, or regal black. Respectable and perfectly designed. Because at "Ferster " we are proud of every Jewish head that boasts a hat; honoring his status and advertising his affiliation with pride.

We invite you to celebrate a century with us. With more than one hundred styles, and countless possibilities for every head and pocket, you are invited to browse here at our website or at any of our branches throughout the country. You are invited to enjoy the personal service and family atmosphere, the stylishness and our responsibility. Treat yourself, for Shaboss, for Yom Tov, for a special occasion, with a beautiful hat from –Novilis - Ferster. The pleasure is all yours.